Leaking Roof BeforeLeaking Roof After  

Before                           &                    After

Macarthur Caravans & RVs use the Liquid Roof range of protective coatings from Pro Guard Coatings in the US.

Designed to extend the life of caravans, RV’s, campervans, camper-trailers and mobile homes; Liquid Roof is an ‘EPDM Rubber’ that provides a heat reflective and aesthetic roof coating function over existing roof surfaces, protecting your investment from water damage, while insulating it at the same time. The single coat, self levelling application ensures your caravan is waterproofed immediately, and being both ultra-violet and ozone resistant, will protect your vehicle from whatever conditions the harsh Australian climate can throw at it. Far superior to silicone, it can withstand continuous exposure at temperatures over 180°C, giving it one of the best aging properties of all elastomers – meaning it will retain its flexibility longer. Liquid Roof EPDM is:   Heat reflective   Self levelling   Ultra-violet and ozone resistant    So if you’re planning a big trip, or are already on the road, simply fill out the form to get in touch with us here at Macarthur Caravans & RV s. We’ll have you waterproofed and protected, and back on the road before you know it!